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Projects Overview

On this page you can find an overview of some our intrinsic commercial software projects.

VFX-Script Interpreter 1.10

VFX-Script Interpreter 1.10 is a freeware scripting language, specialized for developing real-time interacting Visual scripts, rendered by a 32-bit hardware accelerated 2D/hybride graphics engine. An integrated Audio Capture & Analysis engine can provides several audio properties, which can be used to create visuals similar to the audio graphics of Windows Mediaplayer. The interpreter is equipped with an extended instruction-set to support a wide variaty of applications, and offers the functionality to compile scripts into stand-alone Executables or Screensavers.

VFX-Scripting can even be integrated in WEB-pages using the VFX_HTML internet Browser plug-in. Benefit the full power of VFX on internet sites, and implement compact VFX-Scripts in WEB-sites to create hardware accelerated applications, Games or animated decorations.

VFX_HTML implementation samples can be reviewed from

VFX-language features many commands and functions which implement Loops, user-interactions, movement instructions, wave algorithms, color algorithms, text animation, primitive shapes, many visual FX's, bitmap/sprite rendering, deformations, Tile map rendering, vector coordinate fifo's and operations, case handling and comparisons, formula calculation, user variables/arrays, audio analysis inc. spectrum analysis and beat-sync., text-file read/write, CD-player support, WAV-file support, hyperlinking, internet file download & caching, test/debug operations, and so on...

The Script Editor is a complete IDE text-processor which features script formatting, syntax suggestion, printer support, Visual preview, error trace tool and variables monitor.

The VFX 1.10 runtime is also considered as an secundary element of MusicBuddy, and supports mouse and Track-info conversation with the MusicBuddy-Core, for seamless system integration.


The VFX1.10 Interpreter remains downwards compatible to supports execution of VFX1.9 scripts. However, the Script Editor IDE no longer recognizes functions without an '!' prefix, which is the case for most older script version. The instruction-set of VFX1.10 is extended with many additional instructions to accommodate some major new engine features like: Sprites, AVI streaming, FTP Transfer and MultiTasking. Other enhancements like: Interpreter Caching, Audio Capture & Analysis engine redesign, FifoBuffer redesign and Math Parser Redesign, are made improve the run-time performance and stability.

The VFX1.10 Script Development Package and Component Updates are now available for download at the Download-section of this site.

Music Buddy 1.1

Download restricted to Members only.

MusicBuddy Audiosystem 1.1 is currently in a Beta-state, and is a software package, designed to run on dedicated computer-systems only and is not for sale as seperate software.

Musicbuddy is a completely integrated audiosystem, in an exclusive 5.9 feet (1.8m) tall, curved design pillar, made of stainless steel. A top-mounted touchscreen provides a convienant control interface with a customizable appearance.

The MusicBuddy Key-feature is a MP3-Database with a huge (and expandable) storage capacity, enhanced search / playlist functions and auto crossfade-mixer. Other audio sources are the slot-load CD-player, internet radio receiver and auxiliary Line-in for connecting an external device.

The system features advanced automation and internet-services, like the ability to update the Database by acquiring new MP3 music over the internet, update the radio station-list, download wallpapers, Visuals and receive System-Core updates.

By default, the systems are provided with a iR-remote control and 2 years waranty.

There are several optional accessories available, including a wireless remote control and a security camera. For more accessories please inform your local MusicBuddy-dealer, or contact us directly...


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