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In need of dedicated software for a specific problem?

Are you in need of a specific custom application for either Microsoft Windows, Windows Mobile or perhaps looking for a stand-alone dedicated Embedded system including custom developed Firmware? We will be happy to calculate a cost estimation for the development of your requirement, free from any obligations ofcourse.

Please fill in your company, name and contact information in the Request form below.

Select what kind of information you would like to receive from us:

If you're interested in a cost estimation for a project, please select the targetted development platform and fill in your requirement. Try to give an accurate and detailed description of the (software) requirements and functionality that need to be provided.

Within 4 weeks you will receive back an raw cost estimation based on the data that you provided. You may then decide if you want to continue in having a more detailed interview with us, in order to receive an accurate cost analysis.

Please make sure to:

Please make sure, to describe your requirements as complete and accurate as possible, in order to enable us to calculate a realistic cost estimation.